Monday, February 21, 2011

Quickie four week group project for sophomore studio. The prompt was potholes. My group started proposing ideas about re-purposing potholes by making them produce electricity through either heat conversion or piezoelectric systems. We expanded our initial idea to make it more efficient by introducing piezoelectric technology into a crosswalk.


  1. How much electrical power does it generate? Could such a device be put under miles of interstate highway and generate enough power to run a household, or neighborhood?

  2. This technology has the potential to produce a lot of energy. Honestly speaking, I cannot put a quantified number on how much energy it makes. But think of it this way: your cigarette lighter in your car is ignited with a single piezoelectric plate. If your finger can produce a spark with enough energy to light that flame, think how much a million piezoelectric plates can produce off the thousands of cars pounding the pavement every second.